Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Pathway and Certificate Program
Purpose and Philosophy

The STEM Pathway and Certificate Program is designed to support students considering post-secondary education and careers in mathematics, scientific, engineering and health profession careers. Students will develop content-specific skills and knowledge in the classroom and apply these skills in community service opportunities and in capstone projects or student-initiated internships. Upon graduating, STEM participants meeting all requirements will earn a certificate recognizing their ability to:

• Research, experiment, and analyze to obtain results and draw conclusions
• Communicate efficiently and effectively with the use of technology
• Construct, design, and create innovative processes or structures
• Be active problem solvers and critical thinkers


STEM Pathway Participation

Academic Year # of Participants in STEM
2012 – 2013 26
2013 – 2014 44
2014 – 2015 36 returning + new members*

*New members are in the application process