Purpose and Philosophy

The Humanities Pathway is a designed path of study for students who have an interest in classical studies; including Latin Exposure to this pathway will foster student exploration in language, literature, and history.  The Humanities Pathway is designed for the student who may be interested in studying the classics in college.  Students who choose this pathway should follow the path of study which includes courses in Global Language, English Language Arts, and Social Studies.
Global Language

Students are expected to either take:

4 years of Latin (including AP Latin) and 2 years of an additional Modern Language or
4 years of a Modern Language (including an AP Modern Language) and 2 years of Latin

English Language Arts

English 1, English 2, English 3 (or AP equivalent), and English 4 (or AP equivalent)

Students are expected to take at least 1 of the following:

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
Advance Placement English Literature and Composition

Social Studies

World History 2 or AP European History
U.S. History 1
U.S. History 2

Students are expected to take at least one of the following AP Social Studies Courses:

AP U.S. History
AP European History
AP Psychology

2.5 Credits following elective courses:

English Public Speaking
Social Studies Global Leadership
Social Studies History of Modern Asia
Social Studies World Religions
Social Studies Sports in Society
Social Studies Anthropology/ Sociology
Social Studies Civics and Leadership
Social Studies Psychology

In addition to successful completion of courses in this pathway of study, students are expected to complete a capstone project. This final capstone project will be individual in nature and will result in a college level portfolio. This Pathway is currently not a Certificate Program.