Purpose and Philosophy

The MHS Global Education in Melrose (GEM) Program is designed to foster students’ global awareness, to recognize the accomplishments of students who represent the school around the globe, and to provide graduates with the essential skills for participating in and contributing to an increasingly global society.  Students can choose to pursue GEM as pathway or as a certificate program.   GEM is founded on the following principles:

* Think Globally:  Students gain an increased knowledge of their relationship to the world; think about issues from a global point of view; and gain an appreciation for other world cultures, viewpoints, and perspectives

*Communicate Effectively:  Students improve their foreign language skills and their ability to communicate with people across cultural and language differences.

* Contribute Responsibly:  Students use their global knowledge to interact and build relationships with people from other cultures; actively seek world knowledge to develop their own values and opinions; demonstrate respect, open mindedness, understanding, and flexibility in behavior and thinking; help others to embrace multiple perspectives.

Global Education in Melrose (GEM) Pathway
1) Global Language Courses: Students must enroll in a Global Language course through Level 4
2) Academic Courses: Students must enroll in at least 4 academic credits with a global focus as indicated below.

Department Course

English Media Literacy
Theater Arts
Peace and Protest: Lit. & Comp.
Public Speaking

Social Studies World History II
Global Leadership
AP European History
Anthropology and Sociology
History through Film
AP Economics
History of Asia

Science, Business, and
Environmental Science
Technology AP Environmental Science
Bioethical Issues
Business Law and Management

Wellness Peer Education

Global Language Travel and Tourism

Fine and Performing Advanced 2D Art
Arts Advanced 3D Art
Advanced Photography

Global Education in Melrose (GEM) Certificate Program

Students interested in extending their GEM experience past the requirements of the Pathway will complete these additional components:

1. Academic Coursework
Students must receive a grade of C or better in their GEM pathway courses. In addition, students must complete a written document at the conclusion of each course reflecting on how the course content has furthered their global awareness.
(Note: an Independent Project and Synthesis may be used in place of non-global language-related academic course work. Students must select an aspect of a foreign country or a region’s culture, political system, history, geography or economy, and engage in a minimum of three activities that will enable them to explore this area of interest. The Focus Project activities must be completed outside of assigned class work and the GEM travel experience. These activities may include, but are not limited to, reading books that create global awareness, watching films, preparing culinary specialties, and attending cultural events or lectures.)

2. Foreign Travel Component
Approved programs must provide an international experience in which the student challenges him/herself to connect to and interact directly with the culture and the people.

3. Community Service Component
The equivalent of 30 hours of Community Service must be GEM related. The GEM Community Service Hours must expose the student to another world culture and should, ideally, employ his/her foreign language skills. A GEM travel experience that includes at least 30 hours of pre-approved community service also satisfies the GEM community service requirement.

4. Capstone Project
An original student product synthesizing what the student has learned from these experiences will be submitted as part of the GEM Portfolio. Examples of original student products may include, but are not limited to, the following: a double-spaced, 3-4 page essay, an original video, an original work of art, an original podcast, an original photo exposé, an original musical composition or an original musical compilation.

5. GEM Portfolio
Upon completion of the GEM requirements, each student will present their Portfolio to the Committee. Portfolios will be reviewed each spring. Completed portfolios may be emailed to John Buxton, Director of Guidance, at [email protected], or left in the GEM mailbox in the Guidance Office. Students are advised to keep a copy of their completed portfolios for their own records. The portfolio must include the following:

• The completed and approved GEM Travel Experience Form
• The student’s transcript highlighting the foreign language and GEM academic coursework
• The completed and approved GEM course reflection forms OR
• The completed GEM Focus Project Form
• The completed and approved GEM Global Service Form
• The GEM Capstone Project
• A GEM Résumé (see format and sample résumé on GEM website)
• A Summative Essay of 250-500 words, reflecting the student’s GEM experience.
Following the Portfolio review, the student will be informed if s/he has successfully earned a certificate. Students will then present their portfolio to the Melrose community, which could include a live, recorded or printed performance given to the MHS community, the Human Rights Commission, the School Committee or the local print/digital media. Student will be awarded certificates at graduation. Guidance counselors will include information about the MHS GEM Program in the School Profile.

Applications for the GEM Program are available in the MHS Guidance Office and on the website at: