Arts Pathway

Purpose and Philopophy

The Arts Pathway is designed for students who have recognized a great interest and desire to excel in the arts.  Melrose High School hopes to foster by identifying a pathway of study for students who see a future in the arts.  This pathway will help students with furthering their education in the arts; students will have the option to choose and narrow their focus to either Fine Arts or Performing Arts.

Fine Arts
The Arts Sequence is a series of courses designed for those students who have a strong interest in the subject and think they may want to continue taking art through high school. The full year courses are as follows, Art I (required of ALL students before taking upper level art classes), 2-D Art (1, 2 & 3), and 3-D Art (1, 2 & 3), and Photography (1, 2 & Advanced). Serious students have an opportunity to receive Advance Standing in art by submitting a portfolio to the Art Department in the spring of any year. Another pathway would be to follow through the series of Video Production courses.

Art 1 (Prerequisite for the following)
2-D Art 1, 2-D Art 2, 2-D Art 3
3-D Art 1, 3-D Art 2, 3-D Art 3
Photography 1, Photography 2, Advanced Photography
Intro to Video Basics, Intro to Video Production, Intermediate Video Production, Advanced Video Production
Animation 1, Animation 2,
* CAD courses when applicable as STE requirement
Performing Arts
The Music Department offers courses and activities for the performer in the larger performance organizations. Each student identifies his/her own interests and needs for creative self-expression and is encouraged to freely elect from one or more of the following areas of music: chorus, band, orchestra. Any of the following courses may be applied toward the graduation requirement for Fine/Applied Arts.



Public Speaking

Music Theory

Theatre Arts

Introduction to Piano/ Introduction to Guitar.

In addition to successful completion of courses in this pathway of study, students are expected to complete a capstone project. This final capstone project will be individual in nature and will result in a college level portfolio. This Pathway is currently not a Certificate Program.