Additional Learning Opportunities

999 Community Connection Level: CP                                                             1 Credit
Prerequisite: None                                                                                                                                                                             Grades 11, 12

Expectations: This course is designed as a practicum for students who want an opportunity to contribute directly to the local community. The major part of a student’s participation consists of a placement in the field for 4 hours per cycle. The remaining 2 classes in the cycle will be in class at MHS. Students will have a wide range of placement opportunities in Melrose and beyond, including but not limited to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and shelters.
Additional weekly requirements for the course will include a classroom session, and reflective journals and essays. Each class will design and implement one group service project a year, which requires students to identify a cause of their own choosing, examine feasibility, develop strategies to implement the project and see it through to completion. Grading will be based on a combined evaluation by the teacher and the placement agency. This course may be taken only once, either in the junior or senior year. This course does not count toward the community service requirement (48 hours) for graduation.

979 Classroom Peer Assistant Level: CP                                                            1 Credit
Prerequisite: Assigned by Guidance/ Administration                                                                                                            Grade 11, 12

Expectations: Students are assigned to a specific class where they will support the learning of the students in the class by being a peer assistant. A prerequisite for being a Classroom Peer Assistant is that the student earned a B grade or higher in the class he or she will be assisting. If interested, student should speak to their guidance counselor or the appropriate department head.

881 Online/ Blended Learning Level: PD/CP/H/AP                                        1 Credit
Prerequisite: appropriate to course                                                                                                                                            Grades 9-12
Expectations: In this course, students will engage in a program that blends traditional and digital learning. Students may elect to take any one of a variety of online courses. If enrolled in an online course, students will also be required to complete supplementary assignments under the guidance of the Academic Facilitator. If enrolled in a Blended Learning Melrose High School class, students will complete part of their learning in the classroom with their teacher and part of their learning in the library. When in the library, students will use digital resources to learn and then apply knowledge.

099 AP Lab Level: PD                                                                                               0.5 Credit
Grade 11 – 12
Prerequisite Criteria: Students with more than three advanced placement classes.

This is a non-leveled, pass/fail credited course required of any junior or senior students enrolled in more than three AP courses. This class will meet every other day for a full year. If space is available, juniors or seniors with three AP classes may select this course. It is important to help students identify signs of stress, how it affects them, and what they can do about it. This lab period will allow students to manage academic stressors brought on by extremely rigorous academic demands. The focus of this course will be on stress reduction and time management. This lab will be overseen by a teacher, guidance counselor or administrative staff member. At different times during the year students will be required to meet with the school’s psychologist, and other staff to help manage stress levels.