College and Career Readiness


Melrose High School will prepare all students to be ready for both college and career.  Students will experience a rich and broad curriculum aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Students
will continue to have the opportunity to enroll in a Pathway of Study.  Students who do not choose a Pathway of Study will be scheduled in a traditional comprehensive curriculum.  All Melrose High School students are expected to have the skills and content knowledge to be successful in college and careers.  These students will be exposed to many areas of study and be able to experience an internship opportunity.  Students will have options to take many electives and be able to take courses within any pathways.  Students may enter a pathway during any year but may not be able to complete the pathway.


Student Outcomes 2013-2015

Outcome     Number   % of students
2 Yr College 80 11.80%
4 Yr College 523 77.40%
1 0.10%
Career Education 8 1.20%
College Prep
1 0.10%
Employed 17 2.50%
Military 8 1.20%
Non-U.S. College 5 0.70%
Other Schools 7 1%
Unknown 24 3.60%
Year off 2 0.30%