Inquires regarding attendance should be referred to the attendance secretary at 781-979-2216.

Regular school attendance is essential to academic success.  Furthermore, post-secondary schools and business and industry require records of school attendance and absence.  To receive credit for a course, the student must fulfill the course requirements as set forth by the teacher and meet the attendance requirement set forth by school policy.


When a student is not in class for any reason, he/she is considered absent.  Parents are required to call the school (781-979-2216) at the start of the school day to verify the absence of their child each day their child is absent from school.   Students may lose credit for each course when excessive absences occur.

Excused Absences

Documentation for these absences are due in the second floor office 48 hours upon the student’s return to school.

The administration understands that documented medical visits, verified court appearance, verified college visits, religious holy days and family bereavement are legitimate reasons to be out of school.  The work for these absences must be made up upon the student’s return to school.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused Absences include the following:

  • family vacations
  • job interviews
  • illness not requiring a doctor’s visit
  • dismissals not meeting the above criteria
  • tardiness
  • non-school -related athletic or extra-curricular events
  • missing 15 minutes or more of class time without proper verification

7 unexcused absences in any term will result in a failing grade for that term. For 4th quarter seniors, 4 unexcused absences will result in a failing grade for that term.

Truancy is defined as any absence from school by a student without the expressed consent, in advance, of that student’s parent or legal guardian.  Truancy is considered a disciplinary problem which will be dealt with by the administration.  Students who are truant will receive no credit for missed classes and will be subject to office detentions or suspension at the discretion of the administration.