Our School

Mission Statement

Melrose High School is committed to developing academic and personal excellence.  In partnership with home and community, we foster a safe and caring learning environment. We encourage a passion for learning by providing an engaging curriculum with high expectations for all students. We prepare our graduates to become knowledgeable, respectful, contributing citizens of a global society.

Melrose High School students will:

  • Write effectively using standard English
  • Demonstrate the ability to read effectively
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate the ability to use technology responsibly and effectively
  • Demonstrate the ability to problem solve effectively
  • Demonstrate an understanding of arts and culture
  • Demonstrate an understanding of behaviors that promote wellness
  • Demonstrate good citizenship
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and implement goals
  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity and exercise tolerance and respect for themselves, others, and their school