Clubs & Activities

Student Activities

Art Society

The purpose of the Melrose High School Art Society is to increase student awareness in the field of visual art, to provide opportunities in which students can explore the student/artist model, and to help students become engaged in the community through their art.  They visit museums and exhibits outside of the school day and may be introduced to professionals who currently work in the field. Students work on public art projects that require them to work cooperatively as a group.

Art Studio 

Art Studio is a drop-in art class for students interested in exploring drawing and painting in a relaxed atmosphere.  The club meets every Friday from 2:15 to 3:15 P. M. in Room 112.  Students choose their projects and work independently.  The club is open to students of all levels.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a group that pairs regular education and special needs students in a one-on-one friendship.  Best Buddies engage in a multitude of activities that range from talking on the phone to attending events together.  The purpose of the club is to offer students with special needs the opportunity to have a more fulfilling high school experience while raising awareness on the topic of special needs.  The club is open to all MHS students.  Regular education student members can either choose to have a buddy or can become associate members who attend and support Best Buddies’ events.  The activities are determined in bi-weekly officers’ meetings, and the events tend to take place after school and during weekends.

Brass Ensemble

Membership is open to selected band members. Students who are interested in musical performances beyond the fall marching band season are candidates for the brass ensemble. The brass ensemble performs at the Christmas party, Christmas caroling in downtown Melrose, and at the annual Christmas Concert. Meeting and practices are determined by the membership and the sponsor.

Chess Club

Membership is open to all students. An interest in the intriguing and historic game of chess is all that is required for membership in the chess club. Member learns to improve their strategic skills by applying the principle that “practice makes perfect” in after school play and competition.

Color Guard (Band Front)

Students of the Band Front perform at many sporting events and at competitions. They practice after school, evenings, and on weekends. They are a part of the marching band.

Drama Club

The Melrose High School Drama Club allows students to gain experience in a wide variety of roles, including acting, stage management, lighting, sound, and costume design. The Drama Club currently presents two major theatrical productions each year.  The first production is a full length play that is typically performed in December. The second is a one act play that is presented as part of the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild Festival.
Students also participate in fundraising activities such as coffeehouses and the annual talent show.  Members of the Drama Club have the opportunity to attend professional theatrical productions in the Boston area throughout the year.

French Club

Bienvenue!  Membership is open to all students enrolled in French classes as well as any student interested in experiencing French culture outside of the classroom. Some of our activities include:

  • learning how to make crêpes and other French desserts and dishes
  • celebrating National French week (November)
  • seeing French films after school
  • playing French board games
  • participating in a year-end French language scavenger hunt
  • traveling to Boston to eat in a French restaurant, visit the Museum of Fine Arts or  view a French movie at a local cinema
  • competing in sports events & celebrating Mardi Gras with the other language clubs

Interested students should attend the first meeting in the fall and should see the French Club advisor at any time during the year for additional information. We typically schedule one activity per month and meeting times are determined by the membership and club advisor.

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a supportive group open to all students, including self-identified gay and lesbian youth, heterosexual students supportive of their gay and lesbian peers, and any student wishing to discuss youth issues in a safe and confidential environment.  The GSA meets once a week after school during the school year.  Activities include the Day of Silence, Youth Pride, coffee houses, movie nights, and book clubs with other local GSAs.  Everyone is welcome!

German-American Partnership Program

Membership is limited to students who pursue the study of German. The Foreign Language Department at Melrose High School and members of the Melrose community have sponsored an exchange between Melrose High School and the Gymnasium Oberalster in Hamburg, Germany. Members participate in various inter-club activities throughout the academic year. The students participate in special classes and seminars designed to help them return home with a good understanding of the German way of life. While in this country, the German students residing at local homes, attend classes covering a wide range of topics, take many trips to nearby cultural centers, and participate in the traditional “Hamburg Night.” Orientation meetings are scheduled one to two times weekly. Three or four parent meetings are scheduled.

German Club

Membership is open to all students. If you are interested in learning about the diverse aspects of German culture, find out what activities are popular in Germany, and sample different German recipes, then you should become a member of the German Club. Activities may include the following:

  • intramural sporting events with members of the other foreign language clubs
  • going to German feature films or other cultural presentations
  • going to German restaurants
  • year end barbecue and pool party

Meeting times are determined by the membership.


The Imprint, Melrose High School’s newspaper, is written, edited, published and distributed by Melrose High School students.  It is the mission of the newspaper staff to serve as an accurate source of information for those involved with Melrose High School, while functioning as a true representative of the community within the school as well as the community outside the walls of 360 Lynn Fells Parkway.  A team of editors and staff works together to generate story ideas, and research, write, and arrange articles and graphics.  Staff may be comprised of students who sign up for the journalism class, or who freelance as members, meeting at least four times per month.  Though Journalism class members primarily run the paper, anyone interested may participate; students of all levels are welcome.

The staff works to publish five or six issues per year. One of the highlights is the Senior Issue, published in the fourth quarter and featuring graduating seniors.  Each issue allows students the opportunity to participate in the process of producing a newspaper from start to finish.  Students learn the Associated Press style of editing, the basics of word processing, Adobe PageMaker and Quark, how to conduct interviews, and how to use primary sources and the Internet for research.  Regular activities include at least one annual fundraiser and the sale of newspapers before and after school as they are published.

iRAIDERS Robotics Team

The iRAIDERS Robotics Team rocks! Each season we design and build a new 4-ft robot to compete in a new game against other teams’ robots. Anyone can join and tons of skills are useful, whether you already know how or want to learn: CAD design, graphic design, metal and machining skills, programming, troubleshooting and especially thinking outside of the box and working as a team.  We have seriously awesome mentors from different industries to help us visualize, design, and build the robot during the intensive 6-week design-build session. The robotics competitions in the spring are fast paced, high energy, and take place in a rock concert atmosphere. Team spirits are high and competition is intense. Stop by the robotics room and check us out!

Italian Club

Membership is open to all students interested in learning more about Italy, its language and culture.  Activities for each academic year may include the following:

  • Italian movies and feature films
  • Games and dessert night
  • Scavenger Hunt of Boston’s North End
  • A night at the Opera
  • Art exhibits
  • A visit to the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum
  • Celebratory dinner at an Italian restaurant
  • Christmas Party
  • “An afternoon of  PASTAbilities”  when we prepare authentic Italian dishes.
  • Intramural volleyball tournament with members of the other FL clubs
  • Bocce tournament
  • Toga party with Latin Club
  • Carnevale celebration
  • Year end pool party and cookout with the other language clubs.

Students who would like to join should speak to the teachers of Italian and attend the first meeting of the year. Meeting times will be determined by the members and the advisor(s).

Jazz Ensemble

Membership is open to band and orchestra members. Musicians interested in playing jazz or rock music should join the jazz rock ensemble. Activities and performances may include the following:

  • spring dance in March sponsored by the Band Aiders
  • spring concert in May
  • jam sessions

Meetings are held in the evenings.

Latin Club

Membership is open to all Latin students. If you want to learn about interesting aspects of Roman culture and find out what activities and foods were popular in ancient times, then you should become a member of the Latin Club. Activities include the volleyball tournament with members of the other language clubs, a Christmas party, Mardi Gras, complete with traditional Roman costumes and traditional foods, a joint toga party with the Italian Club, and a cookout and pool party to wrap up the year’s activities.  Meetings are determined by the membership and held whenever necessary.


Membership is determined by a screening committee acting on applications from interested sophomore and junior students who select a staff for the following year. The Melrose High School yearbook, The Log, is produced each year by a staff of approximately 50 students. Staff members attend various conferences and meetings in the spring and summer to prepare them for the creation of a yearbook. Staff members will acquire thinking, writing, printing, and publishing skills needed for the production of The Log by working on editorial, layout, typing, advertising, photography, and subscription staffs. Editors’ meetings are held on Mondays, and staff meetings are held on Friday. As deadlines approach, the entire staff meets four afternoons a week.


The Megatones Tones are a select group of students from the chorus. The Megatones Tones perform at many school and community functions.

Mock Trial Team

The Mock Trial Team consists of many students from all grades. The MHS team will compete with other schools at actual District Courts as part of the Massachusetts Bar Association Mock Trial Tournaments. Each trial simulates a legal case and consists of six to nine students (attorneys and witnesses).

National Honor Society

Membership is determined by academic eligibility. Students need a GPA of at least 4.0 to be considered for membership. Members of this national society commit themselves to uphold the ideals of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The National Honor Society chapter takes an active role in the community by participating in services such as tutoring, fund raising, and working with charities.  The group conducts monthly meetings throughout the year to discuss these activities.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a nonprofit organization that raises money to send medical missions to developing countries in order to treat cleft lips and cleft palates of children. The Operation Smile Student Association at Melrose High School is organized by a core group of student leaders who attend national Operation Smile conferences. The club, which is the only entirely student-run organization at Melrose High School, is always open to new members who also have the opportunity to earn community service hours.
The club looks to make great strides in both fundraising and awareness. One cleft lip surgery costs only $240! Our OSSA raises money through “smile-selling”, bracelet sales, hat days, car washes, and Fuddruckers nights. The committee is always planning new events.

Operation Smile gives students the opportunity not only to attend the yearly International Student Leadership Conferences, but also the chance to volunteer on actual missions.  Melrose has sent students to Morocco, Russia, Jordan, Kenya, China, and, Bolivia.

Sci-Fi Club

A club in which fans of science fiction and fantasy in literature, film, and video games meet and work on creative projects. The club is open to all students.

Ski and Snowboard Club

Membership is open to all MHS students, and no experience is necessary.  Whether you are an avid skier or rider, or just making your first tracks, the club is for you.  The Ski Club takes one or two trips per month, during ski season, to mountains all over New England.  Past trips have included Sunday River, Killington, Attitash, and Okemo, just to name a few.  Have a favorite mountain?  We’re always looking for new snow.  Trips leave early on weekend mornings and return the same evening.  We travel on comfortable coach buses, and snacks are often provided.  The cost of the trips is paid for by those who attend, but substantial group discounts are offered by all mountains.  The trips, with bus ride included, often cost less than a single lift ticket.  Email the club with any questions: [email protected].
Think Snow!

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is an active organization that meets monthly after school to celebrate the Hispanic culture through food, film, and dance. Membership is open to all students. One of the largest clubs at MHS, the Spanish Club organizes various projects and activities including:

  • bake sales
  • restaurant and museum trips
  • viewing of full-length feature movies and live productions
  • Hispanic dinners
  • the International Christmas party
  • Mardi Gras
  • cultural experiences
  • sports competitions with other language clubs

Meeting times are determined by the membership.

Strength and Conditioning Club

The Strength and Conditioning Club is open to all high school students.  The club meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon during the fall.  During the winter and spring, the club meets every school day.  The hours of operation vary with the season, but typically run from 2:30 to 4:30 P.M.

Students are taught the most current methods of strength and conditioning training.  The expectations are that each student gains the knowledge on developing a successful exercise program.  Leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise is paramount.  The strength and conditioning room offers a safe and healthy atmosphere and is a great way to spend an afternoon.

String Quartet and Viola Quartet

These musical groups are part of the orchestra and perform at many school and community functions throughout the year.

Student Action Board

The Student Action Board (SAB) is a group of fifteen students who work with advisors from the Melrose Alliance against Violence (MAAV) and MHS to plan and implement violence prevention programs in the schools and the community.  SAB members are essentially peer leaders and mentors.  New members are interviewed and selected by current group members.

Student Council

Two members are elected from each class during class elections each year to serve on this council.  These students work with class advisors to run several special events at school each year.  These events include (but are not limited to) running school wide elections, planning Homecoming Week activities, organizing school-wide pep rallies, running the spring Blood Drive, administering the election of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award candidate, planning special assemblies, organizing school wide fundraising for charities, planning and running school-wide dances, choosing student representatives to the Melrose School Committee, and funding the Thanksgiving Day Senior Citizen Luncheon. These students attend weekly meetings.

Student Government

Class officers and representatives are elected to serve each of the classes in the fall (or the spring) of each school year.  Under the direction of class advisors, these students are responsible for collecting class dues, raising funds necessary to run events economically, planning class events including proms and dances, and dealing with issues of concern to their classes.  These students attend weekly meetings with class advisors.

Students against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

This service group was originally founded as Students against Driving Drunk, and the name was changed when the national group made the change in the nineties.  The club works to decrease or eliminate the meaningless injuries, loss of life, and psychological affects caused by engagement in risky behaviors.  Membership in the club is open to all students, and meetings are held as necessary.  Students are encouraged to discuss their concerns and offer suggestions, often working with local administrators or public safety officials.  The group conducts its own fundraising and sponsors events and presentations at the high school at various times during the school year.  Many officers and members of the organization attend training events and conferences where they meet with other high school students to exchange ideas and information.   Students work with like-minded high school organizations such as The Student Action Board, Peer Mediators, and the Melrose Alliance against Violence on some events.


The Thistle is the literary and art magazine of Melrose High School.  The publication provides an opportunity for students to submit original poetry, short stories, essays, memoir reflections, photographs, and images of artwork for publication.  Contributions from all interested students and faculty members are welcome.  Membership in Thistle is open to students of all grades and academic skills.  Meetings are held as necessary, and one issue is produced each academic year.

Ultimate Frisbee Club 

The Ultimate Frisbee team is a student organized club comprised of MHS student athletes.  New members are selected by team captains.  The team/club coordinates practices, and matches and competes against other teams from area high schools.